Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chaturbate cutting pay in the Philippines

 Here is some bullshit from Chaturbate about the Philippines:
Chaturbate regrets to inform you that all independent models and studio models based in the Philippines will have lowered pay in tokens. We have been dealing with high fraud from that region, so instead of tokens being worth 5 cents (USD) they will now be 3 cents (USD). This was a hard decision for us to make, but we value your time and see this as being a way to keep broadcasters from the Philippines on Chaturbate.
 Thank you for your understanding this difficult decision as it will be effective March 28, 2012. All tokens cached before March 28 will still be at 5 cents.
Yes it true. We are sorry for all parties involved. Chaturbate admins were spending an abundant amount of time monitoring Philippino accounts that wasn't cost effective to the overall productiveness of Chaturbate.
 We chose this route to keep Philippino broadcasters on the site.
 Thank you for understanding.
What is the deal? How can this help those women?

Apparently chaturbate was spending a lot of time monitoring accounts from the Philippines.  Someone on another forum the issue was desperate models being willing to break rules (like doing scat shows); another person believes that the issue was partly the models not having proper IDs:

The main issues are, typically Phillipines models work in studios. Chaturbate is not setup to handle studios. They don't offer a "master account" function

The high $40 bankwire fee is too much for most models there, Most models there DO NOT have bank accounts and lack the knowledge or ability to order the payoneer card.

So this is what happens, one "boss model" account ends up being created, come near to cutoff time the model tip their boss account, which saves on the payoneer fees and bankwire fees.

I.D problems,

Well from my experience with helping a few girls there. Chaturbate has been turning down perfectly valid legal documents such as police clearences and Drivers licenses. I asked them last week to include furthur legal forms of i.d there as very few there have Drivers Licenses or Passports.

They did say they will consider it. One more thing they can do on their page advising which ID's they accept they could save a great deal of time by just adding "For models in the Phillipines, we DO NOT ACCEPT , Postal, Voters, Birth certificates, or Hand written Passports"


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