Sunday, May 6, 2012

How much does livejasmin pay?

The commission on streamate is relatively simple: the model gets 35% of what they bring in (or 30% in some countries).  The commission on livejasmin is more complicated and I have been reading about it.  Here is what I know.

There are certain things where models get a constant commission.  But for other things, the commission grows as you bring in more money for those things within each pay period.

Private show, including those with two-way audio
Referral income
Group chat
Fan club income
Sneak peek (voyeur of a show)
Message related income
Video income

This increased commission gets reset at the start of each pay period.  So you start each pay period at 30% (even if you have pending payments from the last period).

There are two pay periods each month (1-15th and 16th to the end of month).

As you earn more in a pay period, your commission increases for the rest of the period (but not for what you already earned).  These are the levels:

1. Aspiring
< $100
2. Accomplished
$100 - $300
3. Famous
$300 - $650
4. Star
$650 - $1500
5. Superstar
$1500 - $2500
6. Legend
> $2500

However, there are some modifications to these commission levels.  These percents are what they pay if you allow free chat.  If you have members only chat, they pay 5% less (so base commission of 25% instead of 30%).

Livejasmin has high traffic because they strongly encourage free chat (and they have lots of annoying pop up windows on porn sites).  Here is google's estimate of their visitors vs streamate and myfreecams.  They seem to blow those other sites out of the water.  But it is hard to say how many of these visitors become paying customers, which is the only thing that really matters.

Unique Visitors Chart

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Useful images for your blog or website

This one is for the gals with websites.

First, here is a creative commons licensed image with a transparent background you can use for linking to your profile.  Just don't remove the credits for the photographer and designer embedded in the image. If you're curious, the original photo is on flickr.

And here is a high resolution imitation of the adultwork logo, as a transparent png, which we made for the same purpose.  


Friday, April 20, 2012

advice on streamate

Here is advice streamate's official recruiter gave on getting good placement and making money on streamate:
Streamate models receive better placement on the sites for: (1) and this is a BIG one... streaming in HD (2) What their ratings are/how many ratings they have/their history of ratings (3) Whether they're using an audio feature, (4) How often they're working, and for how long (5) and let's be real here... the amount of money they bring in.

Essentially, many models are perplexed by the same question ' what am I doing wrong, or differently from the models that are earning thousands each week?'  You must keep in mind that the models that are making thousands per week are also the ones that are heavily promoting their Streamate profile, and that have built up a decent following... "regulars" if you will. One way you can start to build a following is by simply asking your customers to add you as a "Favorite" before you begin a paid chat session; this way, you will be saved to members' profiles, and they won't forget about you in the huge mix of hundreds/thousands of other models. Also, use the Streamate profile link and get a social networking account like Twitter. Start adding friends to your Twitter account, and posting your profile link up whenever you are logged in to do a show. It may take some time to build a following, but if you use your networking skills and some strategy, you will have at least a few regulars in no time.

Otherwise, really analyze the quality of your shows; even when you are in Guest Chat, are you smiling? Are you interacting with your customers, and do you genuinely APPEAR like you really want to even be doing this? Customers are there to have a good time and live out their fantasies; the last thing that they want to see is a zombie on the other side of their screen. Also, asess your lighting situation, and set the ambiance in the background... if you use toys or other goodies for your shows, have them clearly displayed in the background for your customers to see.

The last and most important thing, as I've previously mentioned, is to USE HD! Upgrade your profile's encoder to HD, that way, the Streamate system will recognize this, and boost your placement on the site. You can upgrade your encoder to stream in HD for free simply by going to the "Support" tab within your Streamate account.

Hang in there! If you need help, or would like to talk please feel free to drop me a line, no strings attached. Yes, I do work DIRECTLY for Streamate, but I also like to do what I can to help models, especially those that are genuinely putting forth an effort, to succeed on our sites!

Vanessa - AWM

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lighting for webcam video

You could spend hundreds of dollars on lights from a photography store and it might be worth it.  Or you could start out cheap.  A cheap approach is to use inexpensive shop lights from Home Depot, Lowes, or another hardware store.  Ones with about a 10-inch dish and a simple clamp.  They’re about 10 bucks.  I think a big consideration is whether you are going to be junking up your living room with ugly shop lights on cheap stands.  If you have a dedicated studio, then go cheap.

If you are shooting in a room where you will also have natural light coming in, you want to choose compact fluorescent bulbs that are “daylight balanced”.   If you are using entirely artificial lighting, then this is less important.  Either way, buy the same kind of bulbs with the same “color temperature rating” from the same company for all your lights so you don’t get strange colored shadows.

You probably will want to diffuse the light.  One possibility is photographic umbrellas (picture at bottom).  Or you could get diffusion material and some clothes pins.  Diffusion material, which you can find on amazon, is resistant to fire, which is important.  There are tons of white things you can put in front of a light, but many of them might catch on fire eventually.  Be safe.

(Amanda 36c tells how to make a light diffuser on her blog here and she has a very nice entry on lighting placement.)

Arranging your lights properly is real helpful.  A common set-up for video is called Three Point Lighting. It is simple yet versatile. In Three Point Lighting, you use three lights, called the key light, the fill light and back light.

Key Light
This is the main light. It is usually the strongest and has the most influence on the look of the scene. It is placed to one side of the camera and model so that this side is well lit and the other side has some shadow.  For the key light, I might use a shop bulb (300 Watt equivalent compact fluorescent bulbs) mounted on a stand with a photographic white umbrella or something else in front of the light to diffuse it.  Ideally the light should be high enough up to shine down on the model at about a 45 degree angle.

Fill Light
This is the secondary light and is placed on the opposite side of the key light. It is used to fill in the shadows created by the key. The fill light is usually softer and less bright than the key. To achieve this, you can move the fill light further back or use more diffusion. You might also want to set the fill light to more of a wide light (flood) than the key light.  Like the key light, I also use a shop bulb (300 Watt equivalent compact fluorescent bulbs) with a photographic white umbrella in front of the light to diffuse it.

Back Light
The back light is behind the model and lights from the rear. Rather than providing direct lighting (like the key and fill), its purpose is really to provide definition and subtle highlights around the model's outlines. This helps separate them from the background and gives a three-dimensional look.

So that’s the standard three-light set up.  If you need to, you can get away with fewer lights.  If you use only one light, it should be set up as the key.  If you use two lights, one should be the key and the other should be either the fill or the backlight.  Experiment with what looks best.

Other resources: (warning this is a studio -- they aren't your friends)

(the images with black backgrounds are clips are taken from these videos.  And below is a screenshot of someone with the best lighting I've seen on streamate.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Начинаясь как camgirl

Начинаясь как camgirl
Прежде всего, рассмотрим причины не делать этого. Вполне вероятно, что кто-то, либо веб-сайта или клиента - будут записывать на видео вы и разместить его где-то общественность. Через несколько лет, распознавание лиц может быть настолько точным, что программное обеспечение будет в состоянии связать старые видео текущего общественной идентичности. Если вы беспокойство в связи с возможностью, что друзья вашего ребенка или Ваш босс будет в состоянии найти это видео, не камера.
Если вы решите камеры, вам необходимо отправить в идентификации, чтобы доказать свой возраст. Вы также должны будете картину вы держите идентификации рядом с вашим лицом (с вашей стороны видно), так что принять некоторые из этих фотографий и сохранить их на ваш компьютер, чтобы сделать его проще, чтобы подписаться на различные сайты.
Если вы не можете, старайтесь не использовать водительское удостоверение или что-нибудь с вашим адресом. Например, с помощью паспорта, если у вас есть. Поскольку веб-сайтов не требуется (по законодательству США), чтобы иметь доказательство возраста для всех своих моделей, есть черный рынок в образах документов между неряшливый порно сайтов. Там было много случаев идентификаторы продается.Используя паспорт делает его менее вероятно, что ваш идентификатор будет проследить обратно к вам. Можно даже рассмотреть вопрос об использовании программы графический редактор GIMP, как (бесплатный, но мощный) для изменения видимого адрес (если это разрешено в вашей стране).
Не подписывайте с студию, если нужно. Сделать своими счетами с основными веб-сайтов.
Студии посредников, которые берут срез из вашей заработной платы и управления вашей учетной записи. Например, 35%, что Streamate платит, но если вы зарегистрируетесь через студия, студия занимает около этого. Одна большая студия, интернет-моделирования (они также используют кучу имен, как, оплачивает только 20%, так что вы потеряете 15%, подписавшись через них имеет официальный сайт рекрутинг,, и это хорошо для использования.
Подписка на основные сайты прямо означает, что вы не будете обязаны работать расписанию, вы будете получать более высокий процент в минуту, вы не должны будут работать только с одной компанией, вы не будете подвергаться преследованиям на работе больше, чем вы хотите, вы будете контролировать, какие сайты вы, кажется, и Вы можете свободно закрывать и открывать счета в разных местах.
Однако, если вы живете в nonwestern стране, вы, возможно, придется зарегистрироваться через студию для того, чтобы поток (узнайте первыми!, Но в основном это означает, что нигде, кроме США, Великобритании, Западной Европе, Канаде, Австралии и Новой Зеландии) В этом случае вы должны сделать исследования, чтобы найти студию, которая имеет конкурентные процент выплат.
Прочтите это обсуждение:
Если вы уже подписаны через студию, у вас есть небольшая проблема. В большинстве случаев, вы подписали некоторые не конкурировать соглашения и якобы не может работать себе в течение 6 месяцев. Один из способов обойти это подписать контракт с лучшей студии, как directpay. Или идти на другой сайт. Либо решения далеки от идеальных.
Установить личность camgirl
Никогда не выдавайте ваше реальное имя, выбрать имя, которое вы хотите, чтобы ваши постоянные позвонить вам.Будьте осторожны случайно выдавая свое местоположение.Многие сайты позволит вам блокировать клиентов от Вашего состояния, сделать это.
Поддержание вашей camgirl личность за пределами основного сайта вы работаете. Например, получить аккаунт Twitter, блог и т.д. в camgirl имя.
Причина этого в том, вы хотите сохранить связь со своими завсегдатаями таким образом, чтобы не зависеть от streamate или любой другой компании. Таким образом, если вы делаете изменения веб-сайты или начать работать самостоятельно на Skype, чтобы не потерять своих клиентов.
Например, на твиттер можно объявить, когда вы собираетесь в Интернете и обеспечить прямую связь. (Как лучше использовать Twitter является одним из тех тем, которые действительно требуют целого отдельного размещения.)
Рассказывая своим клиентам о вашем Twitter может быть сложным, так как многие сайты запрещают это. Если вы находитесь на такой сайт, не вводите его. Streamate и других сайтах время от времени проверять чат стенограммы слова, как "щебетать", "facebook", "FB", и т.д., и они будут заморозить счета, если вы, кажется, направлять своих клиентов в других странах. Устно отметить имя вашей учетной записи, вероятно, можно. Или сказать, что у вас есть другие счета, но не имеют права говорить о них, так что человек должен просто погуглить вас.

So ya wanna cam?

Starting as a camgirl 

First of all, consider the reasons not to do this.  It is likely that someone –either the website or a customer-- will record a video of you and post it someplace public. In a few years, face recognition may be so accurate that software will be able to link old videos to your current public identity.  If you are uneasy with the possibility that your kid’s friends or your boss will be able to find these videos, don’t cam.

If you decide to cam, you will need to send in identification to prove your age. You will also need a picture of you holding the identification near your face (with your hand visible), so take a few of these pictures and save them to your computer to make it easier to sign up for different sites.

If you can, avoid using a driver’s license or anything with your address on it.  For example, use a passport if you have one.  Because websites are required (by US law) to have proof of age for all their models, there is a black market in images of docs between sleazy porn sites.  There have been many instances of ids being sold.   Using a passport (or something else without your address) makes it less likely that your id will be traced back to you.  You might even consider using a graphics editing program like gimp (free but powerful) to alter any visible address (assuming this is legal in your country).

Don’t sign up with a studio unless you have to.  Make your own accounts with the major websites.

Studios are middle men who take a cut out of your pay and control your account.  For example, 35% is what Streamate pays to Westerners (30% if you are in certain countries, the bastards), but if you sign up via a studio, the studio takes some of that.  One large studio, Internet Modeling (they also use a bunch of names like, pays only 20%, so you lose 15% by signing through them. does have an official recruiting site,, which is fine to use.

Signing up for the major sites directly means you won't be obligated to work a set schedule, you will earn a higher percentage per minute, you won't be expected to work exclusively with one company, you won't be harassed to work more than you want, you will control what sites you appear on, and you can freely close and open accounts on different sites.

However, if you live in a nonwestern country, you may have to sign up through a studio in order to stream (find out first! but largely it means anywhere but the US, UK, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).  In this case you should do research to find a studio that has a competitive payout percentage.

If you have already signed through a studio, you have a bit of a problem.  In most cases, you will have signed some non-compete agreement and allegedly cannot work for yourself for 6 months.  One way around this is to sign with a better studio, like directpay.  Streamate seems to allow you to switch studios even when they will not let you be independent Or go to another website.  Either solution is less than ideal.  Because it is not hard to sign up as a studio, you might be even able to create your own studio. If you try this, I'd love to hear how it goes.

Establish a camgirl identity that includes twitter

Never give out your real name, pick a name that you want your regulars to call you.  Be careful about accidentally giving out your location.  Many sites will let you block customers from your state, do this.

Maintain your camgirl identity outside of the main site you work on.  For example, get a twitter account, blog, etc in your camgirl name.  Before you pick a name, google it and try to figure out how many other people use this name. You want people to be able to find YOU!

The reason for this is you want to keep in touch with your regulars in a way that does not depend on streamate or any other company.  That way, if you do change websites or start to work independently over skype, you will not lose your customers.

For example, on twitter you could announce when you are going online and provide a direct link.  (How to best use twitter is one of those topics that really requires a whole separate posting. Search on twitter for "camgirl" to see how other models use it.)

When you provide a link to your page, you should use a url shortener that tracks how many people click through.  I use  (  That way you can use different url shorteners and get some idea of which tweets get the best response. 

Telling your customers about your twitter can be tricky since many sites forbid it.  If you are on such a site, don’t type it.  Streamate and other sites occasionally check the chat transcripts for words like “twitter”, “facebook”, “fb”, etc., and they will freeze your account if you seem to be directing their customers elsewhere.  Verbally mentioning your account name is probably safe.  Or mention that you have other accounts but aren’t allowed to talk about them, so the person should just google you.

Chaturbate cutting pay in the Philippines

 Here is some bullshit from Chaturbate about the Philippines:
Chaturbate regrets to inform you that all independent models and studio models based in the Philippines will have lowered pay in tokens. We have been dealing with high fraud from that region, so instead of tokens being worth 5 cents (USD) they will now be 3 cents (USD). This was a hard decision for us to make, but we value your time and see this as being a way to keep broadcasters from the Philippines on Chaturbate.
 Thank you for your understanding this difficult decision as it will be effective March 28, 2012. All tokens cached before March 28 will still be at 5 cents.
Yes it true. We are sorry for all parties involved. Chaturbate admins were spending an abundant amount of time monitoring Philippino accounts that wasn't cost effective to the overall productiveness of Chaturbate.
 We chose this route to keep Philippino broadcasters on the site.
 Thank you for understanding.
What is the deal? How can this help those women?

Apparently chaturbate was spending a lot of time monitoring accounts from the Philippines.  Someone on another forum the issue was desperate models being willing to break rules (like doing scat shows); another person believes that the issue was partly the models not having proper IDs:

The main issues are, typically Phillipines models work in studios. Chaturbate is not setup to handle studios. They don't offer a "master account" function

The high $40 bankwire fee is too much for most models there, Most models there DO NOT have bank accounts and lack the knowledge or ability to order the payoneer card.

So this is what happens, one "boss model" account ends up being created, come near to cutoff time the model tip their boss account, which saves on the payoneer fees and bankwire fees.

I.D problems,

Well from my experience with helping a few girls there. Chaturbate has been turning down perfectly valid legal documents such as police clearences and Drivers licenses. I asked them last week to include furthur legal forms of i.d there as very few there have Drivers Licenses or Passports.

They did say they will consider it. One more thing they can do on their page advising which ID's they accept they could save a great deal of time by just adding "For models in the Phillipines, we DO NOT ACCEPT , Postal, Voters, Birth certificates, or Hand written Passports"